we act as though comfort and luxury are the chief requirements of life, when all we really need... is something to be enthusiastic about!
My name is Cate (hence: domestiCate). I live in a medium-sized Minnesotan town and believe I have medium talent when it comes to home improvement and renovation. Moving homes a lot as a child, I have always been drawn to making my space feel homey and welcoming. I love nothing more than laughter filled houses, chippy paint and cinnamon candles.

I want to help new homeowners renovate on a budget! I hope you learn from my mistakes and find the cheapest ways to make your living area into a place you want to show off! Mixing design styles, incorporating hand-me-downs and building just about anything out of plywood are a few of my specialties...

When I'm not covered in paint, I love traveling, spending time with friends, sipping coffee on our deck, checking out new donut shops, or showing off my stud husband (that's him in the photo). 'Hubby' Greg will make casual appearances in my photos because he too has caught the reno-bug!

Contact me for all your home decor and floral needs! Or you can find my one-of-a-kind pieces at the Mankato Vintage Market!